Try Again, It’s a New Day

I awoke from a dream recently with a word I believe is for many in the body of Christ. 

In this dream, I stood looking out a large window across a stunning lake when a beautiful, well-poised, successful business woman and government influencer said, “What you could not do yesterday, you can do today because you are not the same as you were.”

“What you could not do yesterday, you can do today, because you are not the same as you were.”

I then saw a wedding table with gifts lined up at the table’s edge. There were gifts from family and friends, and unusual gifts from co-workers. Some gifts had random items inside that looked unconnected, unusual, and unexpected, but they were nonetheless packaged and at the table’s edge ready to be picked up.

I awoke with such encouragement. An anticipation awakened inside of me.

Friends, we are the Bride of Christ. A table has been prepared for us and it is lined up with gifts for us to grab hold of, to use and to partake of. Our friends, family, colleagues and more are providing the opportunities to use and to share these gifts. Let that sink in. Our friends, family, colleagues and others are providing the Bride and Bridegroom (you, me, and Jesus) opportunities to use and to share these special, unusual and unexpected gifts.

We must watch for these opportunities and be ready to grab hold of the gifts. Perhaps these are opportunities for salvation or deliverance. Maybe it is a ministry. Maybe it is a business to create. Maybe there is a lost relationship you seek to repair or a government office to run for.

There has been a shift. God has made a move. I cannot tell you exactly what He did, but what I know is that those things you and I put our hand to yesterday and failed at are the same things that He is giving us a new grace, fresh favor, and divine ability to accomplish today and in the days ahead. Those ideas that were impossible before, are being made possible now.

Whatever it was – whatever the desires of your heart have been, but have not yet manifested, you must know that you are not the same as you were yesterday. None of us are as we seek to grow in Christ. Every day – every single day – His mercies are new, and we must never forget that.

It is time to try again. It is time to dream again. It is time to imagine again. It is time to get creative – as we were in the days of our youth. This is not time to settle or acquiesce. It is not the time to retire our dreams and hang up old goals. No, no, no. It is Spring time! It is time for fresh life, fresh light, and new growth!

Put on a new mindset. Yesterday has passed and is gone.

You are new. Today is new. Expect new outcomes now. Anticipate new victories today and every day from this day forward.

“And then take on an entirely new way of life —a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you.”

Ephesians 4:24

Friends, keep your mind renewed in Christ. Get bold. Wrap God’s Truth around you. Stand firm in your identity as an heir to His throne. From this day forward, declare that you will no longer live below your spiritual means and inheritance, and that you will step into who you are in God. With God, all things are possible.

DECREE: (speak this over yourself and your loved ones) I decree that I now arise! I arise from spiritual depression. I arise from spiritual slumber. I arise from affliction, and from the former person I was. I now walk boldly into the new thing – the new life God is providing for me. Everything I put my hands to will be blessed and I will be a blessing to others. The favor of God is upon me. I will shine by His glory. I shall be radiant with the brilliance of the LORD so that others will see and come to know Christ through me.

PRAYER: Father, I thank you for this word. I thank you for the fresh anointing you are pouring out upon me and my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank you for this new day and for shifting our season. I thank you for making our crooked places straight. I thank you for leveling every mountain before us and raising up the valleys to meet our feet. I thank you for being a light upon our path and the lamp unto our feet. Greater days are here. Greater demonstrations of who you are live within me – they live within Your people! The world shall know you by the works you’ve equipped and called us to do. I will give you all the praise, glory and honor for what you are about to do in and through my life for the advancement of your mighty Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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