Please Don’t Word Smatter – Words Matter

Smatter definition: to speak (words, language, etc.) with superficial knowledge or understanding (

Words Matter versus Words Smatter. I see these as two separate camps each erected by either happy campers or not so happy campers.

Camp Words Matter is a place where people choose their words carefully. They make statements based on God’s truth and promises. They speak from hopeful expectancy. They are mindful to build others up rather than tear others down with the words they speak. They are conscientious about what comes out of their mouth.

Camp Word Smatter is a place where people say what comes to mind. They make statements based on their emotions and from places of insecurity. They often speak more about people rather than ideas or dreams for their future. They use words recklessly or with little regard.

What is common between each of these camps is that all the resident campers speak from what is in their heart. There are those whose heart holds hurt, offense, jealousy, disappointment, bitterness, pessimism or fear and there are those whose heart holds hope, love, joy, peace, kindness and gentleness. 

Scripture (and science) tell us our words have power. Tremendous power. What I have learned is that the more we walk in our God-given authority, the more weight and power our words carry. Understand that as a mature believer, when we speak about others in a negative way, we are speaking word curses over them. Our words can hinder their ability to fulfill their purpose. When you gossip about a person or a group of people, you essentially authorize a demonic attack against them. If that is not your intent, I urge you stop. If you have found yourself doing this, I encourage you to take back those words, repent, even if only privately, and begin to speak life over that person or group of people.

People will hurt us. They will wrong us. They will be human and do what humans do, but we ought not forget the weight and power of our words. We ought not forget that we are accountable for our own personal walk and that how we treat others is still our choice regardless of what others may or may not be doing to us. May we all walk in the same forgiveness that has been extended to us by and through the great sacrifice of Jesus.

As Believers, we know that we are made in God’s image and that He spoke all of creation into existence. We also see throughout the New Testament that Jesus performed miracles by speaking words. They weren’t long sentences. They weren’t even fluffy or long syllabled words. They were very clear, succinct statements, such as “Get up” and “Be still.” You see, it doesn’t take much to command blessing or cursing over people, including ourselves.

We have entered a time where unity among us is vital. We are in a season where demonstrating love toward others is our greatest differentiator. Let us empower one another, and build each other up.  

We must choose our words wisely. Realize that the difference between camps Words Matter and Word Smatter is merely a pause. If I typed the words without using just a little space between them at just the right time, they would look exactly the same – wordsmatter. 

Next time you begin to speak about someone, take a pause. Get a little space and create the difference. Be intentional. Speak life. Add blessing. Cultivate something beautiful over them.

If you have found yourself the target of life-destructive words, please know that you have a great defense. Not only do you have a great defense, but a victorious offense in the Word of God. It’s a two-edged sword that pierces and uproots the wrong word seeds that have been planted. It deactivates the word bombs launched over you. 

Decree Isaiah 54:17 out loud. Declare it over your life as often as you feel necessary. 

“NO weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue which rises or has risen against me in judgment, l condemn. This is MY heritage as a servant of the Lord, and my righteousness IS from God.”

Prayer: Father, I know that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Help me to grow in awareness of the seeds I am planting with my words. I repent for the things I should not have said about myself or others in the past. I pull up those roots and speak fresh blessings over those people as well as myself. I ask that you fill the root holes with joy, peace, and abundant life. Help me to guard my heart, Lord, so that I may more easily guard my mouth. I ask that you blanket Your people with a spirit of love and unity and remind us to walk in forgiveness. In Jesus name, Amen.

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