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Try Again, It’s a New Day

Friends, we are the Bride of Christ. A table has been prepared for us and it is lined up with gifts for us to grab hold of, to use and to partake of. Our friends, family, colleagues and more are providing the opportunities to use and to share these gifts. Let that sink in. Our…

Please Don’t Word Smatter – Words Matter

By Deanna Shrum We have entered a time where unity among us is vital. We are in a season where demonstrating love toward others is our greatest differentiator. Let us empower one another, and build each other up. We must choose our words wisely.

Fresh Breath is Coming

There are many living in the valley right now. There are many who are feeling dead inside. You are feeling spiritually depleted, broken-spirited, broken-hearted, and even cut off from God. You are about to SHAKE back to life. You will KNOW that HE is God and that He is WITH you.

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