He who has ears to hear, let him hear!

As I shuffled into my kitchen early this morning, “the violent take it by force,” came like a whispered thought to my pre-coffeed mind. 

I added some cream to my morning joe and sat down in my cozy chair to scan through last night’s emails and saw this same scripture referenced in an event invitation. I was curious to open my Bible to see what God’s Word said about this particular passage. Sometimes we can know a scripture and then we come to KNOW that scripture.  

Here is what unfolded to me about Matthew 11:12-19. I pray that I can break it down in the same revelatory spirit that it downloaded to me.

In the days before John the Baptist, the law and the prophets prophesied. The law gave us standards in how to live. The prophets gave us direction, instruction, and even hope for our lives – much like the laws of the United States and the modern day prophets have done for us today. Even our Constitution was written based on Biblical values.

Going back to verse 12, we see a man then came. He was known as John the Baptist. From the time he came on the scene, the Kingdom of Heaven suffered great violence. Think of the Kingdom of Heaven as the spiritual rule of God in the hearts of those who put their trust in Christ. We know what God’s Word says about our authority. We know what He says about our inheritance of abundant life, freedom, blessing, healing, and deliverance from bondage. We know He has given us a sound mind and power. These things come from spiritual rule obtained through The Father and yet believers struggle with receiving these truths and promises and truly walking in them. The scripture says that the violent come against the Kingdom of Heaven and take it by force so we know there has been a violent spiritual force in direct opposition to us inhabiting this Kingdom.

The Word of God is wonderfully timeless. We know spiritual battles raged then and now. We see that they have intensified over time. We can look around us and see the devised wicked plans and intimidation. We can see the opposition assert its power, its labels, and agenda over the foundations of God and the people of God more and more every day.

As I read this passage of scripture it occurred to me that maybe it is more than coincidence that Donald “John” Trump, of strong Baptist roots, came along in this modern day and since then, we have witnessed and experienced even greater assaults on our values, our churches, and our biblical beliefs. Perhaps it is sheer irony that we have suffered extreme violence in our cities and against our Constitution – or perhaps the timeless Word of God gives us insight to help connect our current hearts to His relevant Truth so that it may build our right-now faith.

The good news is that Jesus speaks of a people who might be willing to rise up. These people, IF they are willing to receive the Kingdom of Heaven, will be Elijah who is to come. 

Prior to this people, the generations have been like judgemental and demanding children who rejected those who did not line up with their narrow view of what was righteous and who was holy. [Hello, sick-hearted churches and religious people?]

However, Jesus said that those who are heirs to Wisdom justify her. We will walk in Wisdom’s ways and prove her right. Wisdom will be validated. 

These ones, who are Elijah to come, are those who thirst for God. They hunger for the Kingdom of Heaven. They groan for the miraculous. They have an innate desire to see the supernatural – for signs, wonders, and miracles that can only come through The King’s Kingdom of Heaven. 

These people, who are WILLING to receive it, the Kingdom of Heaven (spiritual rule and reign), they are WILLING to contend for it, they are the Elijahs of today … I see them everywhere. They stand at the ready with arms up, hands open to heaven, armor on, and hearts surrendered to The One True God. 

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Elijahs are victorious over the violent. Elijah’s weapons are supernatural. The Elijah’s know the battlefield.

Elijah is not alone. Elijah is surrounded by the entire Kingdom of Heaven. Elijah’s victory is within the sound of his voice. His weapon is The Word coming forth from his mouth.

We are on the cusp. Open your mouth, all you Elijahs.


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