Fresh Breath is Coming

There are many living in the valley right now. There are many who are feeling dead inside. You are feeling spiritually depleted, broken-spirited, broken-hearted, and even cut off from God. Some of you have been here a while. You are so dry that you can no longer call out to God – not for yourself or for others. You have been living in a place of torment in your own mind because your stuck and you know it, but you haven’t been able to do anything about it.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and heard, “prophesy to dry bones.” I awoke this morning and went to Ezekiel 37:1-9. I believe some of you need to hear what God is about to do.

Just as the Word of the Lord has gone forth many times before and brought new life, whether it was in forming all of creation, raising the dead, or multiplying man’s needed resources, I prophesy to you that God’s breath is entering you and you shall live. Not just with a pulse and shallow breathing. That is mere existence. No, you shall live – fully, abundantly, joyfully, and with great power from on high.

God is breathing new life into you, right into the deepest places of your soul. Your spirit is rising up. God is covering you with His glory. He is clothing you in Himself.

Take a deep breath in, all you dry bones.

You are about to SHAKE back to life. You will KNOW that HE is God and that He is WITH you.

Stand up now in the name of Jesus for we ARE an exceedingly GREAT army.

Take that step of faith forward and declare that you will live – that you ARE alive in Christ. He’s doing a new thing.

I will open your graves and make you come up out of your graves… Ezekiel 37:12

PRAYER: God Almighty, send the four winds and breathe upon us, Your people. Breathe upon your slain that they may live. Mighty God, speak now to these dry ones to stand up, in Jesus’ name. We give You honor and thanks for working in us even when we can not (or could not) feel it. We trust you, Lord. We are standing up in Jesus’ name. Amen.

One thought on “Fresh Breath is Coming

  1. So awesome Deanna. Yes I believe God is breathing new life into me and many others. Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL ENCOURAGEMENT 💖


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